This website has TONS of wonderful crafts and projects to do with kids!

I-Spy Bottle - Could even turn into a "theme" for a birthday party--each kid makes their own! Maybe use colored sand too??

This Calming Find It Game is perfect for changing a child's focus from being upset to concentrating on finding fun objects in a find it game.

Pirate Fairy Magic Kid Bottles!

Sock took 3 mins to make & is soooo cool. The kids are gonna love it!

milk jug ball catcher

Painted stones - tic tac toe. Wonderful game to promote social play and taking turns.

easy to make, even without measurements. Turned out pretty good. OH, don't add boiling water to the plastic bottle. I also added food coloring to get more color.

Feed the birds. | 27 Creative And Inexpensive Ways To Keep Kids Busy This Summer

Make Wind Chimes to hang in the classroom--- and get the children to paint them! this would be good at the start of the year so you could do something fund AND teach "how we use paint in class" with an easy art project. :)

Very Hungry Caterpillar art project YES!

Colored water in squeeze bottles for drawing in the snow.

perfect bubbles

Printable I Spy Bingo came for the car (and more cute stuff!).

10 Awesome Fort Ideas To Build With Your Kids

This site is great! How to make tons of homemade, natural, non toxic craft supplies - including watercolors, clay, paper, sand, glitter, glue, etc

I am making two of these for my boys. I think they would be perfect for dinner outings to keep them occupied while waiting for dinner. Modern Parents Messy Kids: Playtime: Green Activites & Art Projects for the Whole Family

Easy to make, 2 ingredient paint - safe for tiny tots- FUN for kids of all ages! (adults included)

Bottle tops, glue on foam stickers. Instant stamps!


science project