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Canine Car Companion, $29, now featured on Fab.

Canine Car Companion

Sniff Pet Candles Votive Collection

SNIFF aromatherapy votives - as in aromatherapy for you and the pooch.

Love this sight, Rose has a flower on... if I can find it :)

Dog Milk: Modern Dog Collar, Leash and Harness Products

Pet treat launcher

Pet Treat Launcher Silver

this used to be called "throwing". still, a funny gift. Sharper Image: Pet Treat Launcher Silver, at off!

What does your pet do when you're not around? Strap a pet's view camera on his or her neck -- and find out!

Pet camera: Strap a pet's view camera on your pet's neck to find out what your pet does when you're not around

Pet Dog Puppy Cat Food Storage Wood Cabinet Toy Shelf Bin Water Bowl Leash Hook | eBay

Pet dog puppy cat food storage wood cabinet toy shelf bin water bowl leash hook

For mudroom cabinets: Pet Food Cabinet with Bowls, much prettier than bowls on the floor, plus storage for dog food and other pet items. Close the bottom drawer at night to keep the cats out of the dog food.

Dog Collar Video Camera

Have you ever wanted to experience the world like your pets do? The DOGTEK® EYENIMAL will do just that. The world's first digital pet cam, the EYENIMAL all

The Dog Escape Preventer Keeps Your Pet from Bolting Away Unexpectedly #pets

Pet Door Blockers

The Dog Escape Preventer - Retractable door pet barrier that prevents pets (and children!) from running outside while you greet guests at the front door.

Space Saver!

how to make a pet bed from an old suitcase side table dog bed Dog love!

dog  bed from mac monitor...  i'm not much of a little dog fan, but if i ever had one, this would be so cute!

Mac Monitor Doggie Bed

Doggy Desktop Repurposed Apple Monitor becomes a tiny dog den. this is adorable for a small dog breed. A cat would

Georgie wears his heart on his head.  All the girls see him coming.  Things go well until he gets one too many girlfriends...finish the story if you please...story seed by ceeanne.

Blue Nose Pit Bulls is one of the popular Pitbull Dog Breeds. If you are interested in buying or adopting a Blue Nose Pitbull, read first the facts about this d

DIY Dog Bed - Super Easy NO SEW @Treasure Lacey  this is what I was talking about.

DIY Dog Bed – Super Easy NO SEW

DIY Dog Bed – Super Easy NO SEW, love that it is stuffed with your old clean clothes, your dogs will love it. They have your scent to keep them comfy. or just a big floor pillow for the kid :)