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  • MargiVanZyl ARTIST

    Animal #Kingdom #Bear paw #Prints #Lions #Dogs #Cats #Bears #Kuala #Tigers #Bengal #Cheetah"s #feet #pads #Nails #hair #Soft #big #small #marks #beautiful

  • Tanya Jacobs

    How cute. #dogs #heaven

  • Martine Middelburg

    Pet loss quote

  • Charlotte Moens

    Awww if this turns out to be true, cant wait to see my sweetie Queenie and Pugslie miss you both

  • Lorraine H

    And cats, and birds, and rodents, and all our animal loved ones. They are my treasures in heaven and my friends in high places!

  • Radiopet - Hidden Dog Fencing

    It's so sad that they have to be taken from you. But I suppose they deserve heaven long before we do. #dogs #pets #animals

  • Jeanie Graves

    Heaven is... Paw Print in the Sand Print by BeachwritingsNJ

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Purchase this print from Etsy and frame it with a cute photo of you, him, and the dog. Now that's love.

Lol so true, & if not, you're not someone awesome enough to be my friend. I agree with Natalie Brown I want to hang this up in my house. :)

Aw I love this! Looks like it could be Ava & Gilly ♥

i wouldnt get this as anything id hang in my home or anything,but awh,if theres a heaven this is it

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Nothing is better than seeing that cute, furry face in the window patiently waiting for you.

Haha! Truth. valérie heinrich-spindlerérie heinrich-spindlerérie heinrich-spindler Bozhkova Ashley Walters Walters Walters O'Marra Leslie Lippi Lippi Lippi Babin We should make these!

Amen! My mixed breed dogs have been smarter, healthier and more loving than the "purebred" dogs I've had. By the way... how many of your high dollar purebreds are really pure bred? :)