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I have a phD in psychology but all I can tell you is good luck with that shit.

I used to have OCD, but I found it goes away if I say 'No' and tap my right foot 72 times.


When my girlfriend is undecided about where she wants to eat…

When suggesting places to eat... Bahaha!

This picture is supposed to show my interest in psychology. I thought the joke was pretty funny. I guess it shows my love for corny humor too. I think that I may consider choosing a career in the field of psychology.

9GAGfrom 9GAG

Best of Psych Major Rat!

Psych major rat clearly not up-to-date about the newer wave of psychoanalysis (the importance of thirdness, intersubjectivity and mentalizing) and its dovetailing with affective neuroscience.


Every last inch…


LOL. I laughed so hard at this... that person must have been a history major like me.

Disney Beast Age Analysis. Hahaha I love it. He's so cute as a little beast! I want one!

reminds me of my neurology class... and strangely the professor. hahaha @Stefi Behnke Jessen @Andrea / FICTILIS Sarkauskas @Lyndsey Lake Waldburger