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Spiro Theodore Agnew...In 1973 he resigned the Vice Presidential Office after allegations of bribery from taking kickbacks from road contractors when he had been Baltimore County executive and income tax evasion. Spiro Agnew was only the second United States Vice President to resign the office (the other being John C. Calhoun). Cause of death: Leukemia

American Chronicles: First Ladies

Grave Marker- Grover Cleveland, 22nd & 24th U.S. President. Cleveland's health had been declining for several years, and in the autumn of 1907 he fell seriously ill. In 1908, he suffered a heart attack and died. His last words were "I have tried so hard to do right." He is buried in the Princeton Cemetery of the Nassau Presbyterian Church.

Ladies of the White House - "LUCY WEBB HAYES" - Hand-Colored Engraving - 1882

Steel engraving featuring the wife of a president of the U.S.A. This genuine 133 year old hand-colored engraved print was published by Bradley & Co. in Phil

Grave Marker- Betty Ford, First Lady of the U.S.. After the service, she was buried next to her husband at the Gerald R. Ford Museum, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.