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"The police have just received back up, and are now piling in from all directions. It's a standoff now, between the citizens and their once glorified protectors." -Aaron ~ I don't who this is or where this is! but I like the photo.

We're simply in love with Dolce & Gabbana this season! Beautiful silhouettes and jewellery collection. And lets not forget that tan!

Open Lance)) I stand watching as you practice. I raise and eyebrow looking at you. "Gotten a little rusty haven't you." I say skeptically. You raise a hand flipping me off and I smirk. "Come now, no need to get rude."

close your eyes and see. hold the vision and trust the process. be free and live now. ----my days are only full enough with something colourful, bohemian, hippie, ethnic, tribal, vintage, floral,...