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New cisco wap371 #802.11ac/n poe wireless-ac/n dual #radio #access point antenna , View more on the LINK:

Other Radio Antennas: Engenius Enstation2 Kit N300 Outdoor Access Point BUY IT NOW ONLY: $146.95

Here is a close up of the cable plate. To prevent the mesh from getting ripped on the corners, a small piece of wood was cut to cover the plate and give some height for the mesh to drape over at the center point. A piece of copper covers the wood.

These both look like ants, don't they? However, the creature you see pictured up top isn't even an insect. Can you guess what it is? Here's a hint: count the legs. Count em? Eight. Eight! Those aren't antennae you see pointing forward, those are the forelegs of a Ugandan jumping spider — a Ugandan jumping spider that really wants you to think it's a Tetraponera twig ant, which is pictured below. Sneaky sneaky!

Here is our answer to: What Direction Should I Point My RV's Antenna To Get The Best Digital TV Reception? The steps I am about to outline work whether you are using... Read More:

Repurposed Satellite Dish Antenna Captures Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Signals

Pointing The Dish Antenna At A Signal Source ad you can pull a better amount of bars into a remote home.... Tiny houses off grid would certainly fall into this category.

Ham radio antenna or scanner antennas pointing in different directions. These would help with rural 700 to 800 MHz problems.