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28 Pedestrian Crossings Turned Into Urban Arts And Ads

Street hack by the legendary Montreal prankster Roadsworth. Click image for link to more of his art, and visit the boards >>

Ruined Childhood

The wonder has disappeared. Everyone is locked behind their screens all day, and the world is slowly crumbling around them but no one sees. Everything has become superficial. Yet deep down we all yearn to fly.

montreal street artist roadsworth tries not only to beautify the urban landscape, often by incorporating existing street markings, but to also make a statement about the illusory urban disconnect from the natural environment. his (literal) street art is both a reclamation of a public space that as cyclists and pedestrians we are taught is dangerous, and a response to the primacy afforded to a car culture that largely dictates the planning of this public space.

" Etre ou ne pas être, c'est là la question..."( Shakespeare ) / Street art. / By Belin.

Baltimore's artworks in public spaces project includes artistic street art of crosswalks with zippers, a giant hopscotch and more. Artists include Paul Bertholet and Graham Corell-Allen.