poor mail carrier would never be the same!

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 42 Pics I'm sure the tie down strap through the tire of his truck should not impede his travel at all........

ok... that would be funny as hell... might just have to try it... hahahaha

Okay this one is really creepy!!!

I died laughing.


April fools day:)


It gets funnier the longer you look at it lol

diabetes in a bowl! yaaay! :D

I LOVE the ending, his face. Lol

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 70 Pics

If you like Funny Prank Calls or animations then go here: https://www.youtube.com/user/prankcall420

Sounds a little like something I would do

How Did They Get 0%?


I missed his birthday last week so I’ll throw this one out there now. Edgar Allen Poe and his raven do a Bohemian Rhapsody song lyric parody. I’m just a Poe boy and nobody loves me He’s just a Poe boy from a Poe family. (via Funny LOL. Edgar Allen Poe and his raven do Bohemian Rhapsody. - OnlyFatRabbit )

The Landlord is the video that launched Funny or Die. I still crack up even though I've watched it a zillion times. I WANT MY MONEY, BITCH.

surprise I'm drunk oversized scoop

Lol haha