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The leaning tower of butterflies: Mass of Monarchs in Mexico makes the heart…

Their numbers were devastated a year ago when severe storms hit their colonies. But now the Monarch butterfly has made a spectacular comeback having more than doubled in size this winter.

    The leaning tower of butterflies: Mass of Monarchs in Mexico. #animals

  • Ann Gates

    The leaning tower of butterflies: Mass of Monarchs in Mexico #Butterfly | #Butterflies | #Moths

  • Sherri Simpson

    Butterflies!!! Monarch butterflies line a branch of a bush in the Pedro Herrada butterfly sanctuary in the Mexican state of Michoacan. Monarch butterfly colonies in Mexico more than doubled in size this winter after bad storms devastated their numbers a year ago, conservationists say, although the migrating insect remains under threat.

  • Katherine Cumming

    butterflies just wonderful mother nature

  • Ana Ráez

    beautiful butterflies!!!!

  • Robbin Stratton

    ♥ leaning tower of Monarch butterflies in Mexico ♥

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Monarchs. When I was a child during a long walk, I was walking under a bridge and found a bunch of monarchs dead in the same place. It was so unusual, it was sad and beautiful at the same time.

Monarch - saw one of these flitting around my flower garden yesterday - which is a rare sight in Vegas


Photoshopped picture of a Monarch. They are not actually this color. Thanks Peter Wade for clearing this up!

Monarch....This year there are very few Monarchs in Michigan....very sad about that. Thanks Monsanto for ruining that for us :(

  • Faith Dunay

    From Western Maryland--keep looking for honeybees-a few on the clover in my lawn--so glad to see the clover growing. Also planted milkweed in my perennial flower bed in hopes of helping out the Monarchs.

  • Lisa Bates

    Had 25 monarch caterpillars on one milk weed plant. Watched several form chrysalis then into the butterfly. Unfortunately also saw praying mantis feasting on the chrysalis.

  • Glenn

    I had several monarchs every day the end of summer. Better than 2013

  • Rose Hessen-Whitney

    I am starting to get milkweed plants and plant in my yard, my neighbors are also going tho do this. I am getting starter seeds!

  • Faith Dunay

    Can't wait till spring and the return of all the beautiful creatures--any good new about Honeybees?

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Monarch Butterfly / "Há duas formas para viver sua vida: Uma é acreditar que não existe milagres. A outra é acreditar que todas as coisas são um milagres." (Albert Einstein)

Monarch Butterfly on a Sunflower. Beautiful.

Monarchs in Their Millions (Mexico). Canopies of golden-orange butterflies cover the forests and hillsides in the Reserva Mariposa Monarca (Monarch Butterfly Reserve), perhaps Mexico’s most astonishing yearly natural phenomenon. It’s the kind of annual event to plan your trip around – November to March.

See the beauty of the #Monarch #Butterfly magnified in #OMNIMAX! “Flight of the Butterflies” is an enchanting story of discovery and endurance! There are only a few days left for you to witness this incredible spectacle! Get your tickets before showings end June 30th! www.cincymuseum.o...

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