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When we asked ourselves how we could make our Outshine Pomegranate Bars even more refreshing, the answer was easy: Make them with more real fruit juice than ever before. Taste it for yourself!

A watermelon Birthday Cake- fun for summer! Maybe even for a girl with an August birthday...HINT! Who am I kidding...I'll make it for myself. Probably more than once...

The Little Epicureanfrom The Little Epicurean

Rainbow Cake

This would be an awesome cake for a kid's birthday party. Picture the surprise on the kids' faces when they'd get a slice. Now, if I only had the time to make such a cake...

Flamingo Toesfrom Flamingo Toes

Pinterest Feature Friday -

Awesome cake! I'm thinking this could be a 'School's Out', 'Baby's 1st Birthday', or even a teen/preteen birthday party idea or theme.

Owl cake I made for Kensleigh to match celebrate express's owl birthday supplies. I will tell you the best I can. I am not a professional, just a mom who loved the owl theme. I live way out in the country and we don't have bakeries here, so I gave it a shot. This was my first attempt. I made the marshmallow fondant from It isn't easy to work with but it taste so much better then store bought. Anyway if you are going to make your own then do it at least 24 hrs. previous. Then you…