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Dauphin, Saut, Bondissant, Natation, Bond, Mammifères

Image gratuite sur Pixabay - Dauphin, Saut, Bondissant, Natation

Vu à la réunion

flying fish- look at this amazing creature. I used to see them as a child at Catalina Island. On the great white steamship on the way over to Catalina they would sometimes land on the deck.

J'aime juste la photo

Sea Turtles in The Maldives: "See The Fragile Underwater World." (Photo By: Jenny Rainbow.


An Underwater Shot of a Pair of Florida Manatees Photographic Print by Brian J. Skerry I just love these guys!

Brain of a dolphin is able to transform sight to sound and sound to sight

Love this photo shot of 3 Playful Dolphins!