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  • Sonja Chandler

    My boys are mine. :)

  • Emily Owens

    more ideas for wall art

  • Kari Combe

    My sweet little family

  • Joci Besecker

    cute in a kids bedroom

  • Theeduif Amsterdam

    sunshine, warmth, family, genuine friends, happy people, tea, quotes, summer, memories, a good book, water, the beach, travels, secrets, early rising, picnics, sunrises, walking, bali, those crazy days and nights ill never forget, music, wine, yoghurt, comfy bed, spooning, smiling, my life

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You are born to bring happiness to yourself and through you to the world for that is the purpose of god who is perfect happiness too..."Princess Dee"

This will always have a special place in my heart.... my father sang it to me all the time, as a girl.... He was killed by a drunk driver when I was 21..... Whenever I hear this song, I smile & think of him!!!!!

Kids Vinyl Wall art Decal I Love You Higher than the Sky and more than all the water in the ocean Quote. $17.00, via Etsy.

Sappy, but very true, and something I need to tell myself on a daily basis. :)

happiness is a form of courage. I wish my iPad app would let me scroll down to the board I want to pin this on :)

@Margaret Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez Ham - this is one I printed to help remind me. Sometimes I am so sad I only have one child, but then I remind myself that there are those who have no one to love them and no children.

An awesome quote that will definitely stick for the rest of my life...good teaching tool for teens too!

Think happy. Be happy. Try the hemp oil salve for pain relief and more Find out some information about CBD hemp oil products and business (none psychotropic CBD) Linda

Impara a pensare a te stesso.. Fregatene di quello che possono pensare gli altri e riocrda: comunque fai, sbagli. Ci sarà sempre qualcuno che avrà da dire o che è pronto a giudicarsi (probabilmente per evitare di affrontare se stessi)

What does this statement mean to you? What, if anything, does it reveal about its author? Small group discussion. Conclude by having students write their response on a post-it.They read their brief statement upon posting it.