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Homemade Heating Pad

Here's a Good Thing that will be useful after a long, hard day at work: a Homemade Heating Pad using dried cherry pits. I use fake-fur (old bathrobe material) and whole-corn from the livestock feed store. I heat mine two to three minutes in the microwave.

Soup Bowl Cozy Pattern

Protect hands and furniture from hot soup, chili, and oatmeal with a soup bowl cozy that’s as cute as it is functional! They’re fast and easy to make, which makes them ideal handmade gi…

Microwavable Rice Heating Pads - Beginner-friendly tutorial - keeps you toasty warm for up to an hour without the danger of falling asleep with an electric heating pad. | Sew4Home

Heating pads, I've been making for years! (I like that this has ideas of what to fill them with)

Socktopuses! Take a sock, stuff with pillow stuffing, sew shut, cut the bottom of the sock into legs! Ta-da! :)

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Making Homemade Heating Pads

How to Make Homemade Heating Pads ~ between sports injuries and achy muscles and just plain cold weather coming. These are very inexpensive to make so it's great to make a few of these simple homemade heating pads for every member of your family!