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  • Carol Kime

    Annual Monarch butterfly migration, Pismo Beach, California (photo via photomigrations). Beautiful!

  • Judy Perry

    Monarch Butterflies, Pismo Beach, California. Trip here with friends Lou and Pat Below.

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Monarchs-laden pine and oak trees in Mexico. An ultra-saturated, living mosaic.

Monarch butterfly Danaus plexippus Host plants: Milkweed Nectar plants: Milkweed, asters, red clover, zinnia, cosmos, lantana, pentas, daisy

Monarch Butterfly..imagine migrating your life only to never see your end goal..your life is today help your next of kin to meet theirs.

Annual Monarch butterfly migration, Pismo Beach, California (photo via photomigrations)

Monarchs in Their Millions (Mexico). Canopies of golden-orange butterflies cover the forests and hillsides in the Reserva Mariposa Monarca (Monarch Butterfly Reserve), perhaps Mexico’s most astonishing yearly natural phenomenon. It’s the kind of annual event to plan your trip around – November to March.