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    I am Iron Man.

    Superman vs. Batman vs. Iron man…

    Ironic isn't it.

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    Did they even try with Iron Man?

    Oh iron man

    Iron Man

    Seems legit.


    "Is like someone just ironed the logo" can't stop laughing!!!! :D :D :D

    Why Iron Man doesn't want to have an ally. The one for Banner should be an almost. But Hawkeye, I laughed and laughed *sigh* My poor Hawkeye.

    Haha true...

    just yes xD


    Yesssss ♥

    Iron Man is ALWAYS prepared Loki.

    RDJ is Iron Man.


    Captain Sparrow vs. Iron Man...

    Iron Man holding Captain America. They are so cute! RDJ looks like a content kitten, while Chris looks like the owner so confused but happy at the sane time.