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True, but if it's meant to be, you will wait until he's ready. I waited 9 years for him to marry me. He swore off marriage after a disastrous first one, so I had to be patient. 12 years together and going strong. <3


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So true.... Waiting on our new home to be were we need it is driving me crazy. I can't wait to be home.

I've found this to be completely true. With Family and Friends. And sadly since we had our baby boy, you'd think they would come around more so he could know them. Guess not.

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Words of Wisdom (one day late)

I have come to realize that I am not going to get stuff back that was stolen from me. It sucks. THEY suck, but I am moving on because they aren't worth my time. Had she been a true friend, I would have had it back ASAP. She had every intention of hurting me, and for that I have faith in Karma. It is no longer my job to be mad. Time to just let it be and move on with my amazing life.

I feel sooo happy, I finally have all the negative pressure out of my life of all these demands.. things that I had to do or else!!! It feels so nice being able to do everything on my own.. making decisions that are best for ME for my life, for my future, for my son.. for ME! Soooooo amazing.. everything is exactly how I wanted it!!! :) And it keeps getting better!

So many people can only feel good about themselves when you are down. Too many people can't stand to see others happy.

Goodbye quote~ Paulo Coehlo If you're strong enough to let go of someone you love, someone else will come along in time. You have to be able to say goodbye when it's for the best.