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    scontent-lax3-1.x... We're Earth Unplugged, and we make films about the incredible natural world exclusively for YouTube. We investigate the conundrums, quirks and beautiful scie...

    The Mystery of Matter | Watch Online | PBS Video 3-part chemistry history documentary:

    Hugh Herr: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance | TED Talk |

    Science Jim's Shocking Static Electricity Spring 2015 Starts March 3, 2015, 3 sessions

    Science Jim's Groovy Gravity Spring 2015 2 sessions, beginning March 24, 2015

    Program on the development of the Rosetta Mission to land on Comet 67P

    Actual photos of the Comet 67P from the Rosetta Mission

    INfo on upcoming partial solar eclipse, and ideas for contructing pinhole viewers www.skyandtelesco...

    Newton's Laws of Motion, gone to the dogs:

    Bite Size Physics, with Science Jim A light-hearted, light-mathed, physics curriculum. We are taking Jim's "Newton's Laws" class via Currclick. www.bitesizephysi...

    molecular genetics intro, part 1, Mr Andersen/Boseman Science:

    Medialan Genetics, via Mr. Andersen. Get vocabulary and terminology basics before watching:

    parts of a flower diagram:

    nut free peanut butter cookies- using tahini paste instead of a nut flour | www.ditchthecarbs...

    Asexual reproduction and cloning- by "The Eyes of NYE" (Bill Nye) Talks about asexual reproduction in nature, cloning plants, the science of stem cell research, and the moral debate of stem cell research.

    Asexual reproduction:

    Reproduction, including human and asexual reproduction Mr. Anderson

    Newton's Laws/physics class by CUrrClick

    Meiosis simulation- this video has a nice demonstration and definition of homologous chromosomes, how they condense, and cross over.

    Animation of crossing over and genetic variability in meiosis:

    Meiosis phases explained by Sal (Khan Academy):

    Mitosis and meiosis simulation with beads, by Mr Andersen

    Meiosis- an introduction, by Mr. Andersen

    Meiosis simulation