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I SO wish I could argue


this wouldn't work but it's funny anyway

Funniest thing I have seen in a very long time

Why You Should Let Me Touch It: A Presentation…


Puff Puff Pass

Laughing at other people's farts is just stupid. For god's sake, they smell like shit! If u want to have fun, fart and laugh at people trying to control their gag reflex. THAT IS FUNNY SHIT.

Turkey's done.



sticking it to the man.....

sock monkey kama sutra

I'm no engineer but this seems excessive by juuuust a cunt hair.


Toby the funniest douchetard in the world. Right after Dwight.

Most animals get funnier when you shave them... Not bears. Bears become the freaking scariest things you've ever seen. FUCKIN CHUPACABRA!

Wow! That's an interesting way to do things! I guess it's alright. Or, ..... maybe you could proofread . Just a thought.

This kid wouldn't live long in my house.

Grandma tells it like it is

What POSSIBLE research could homeland security be doing with pictures of my shit?

haha awkward

Eyes peeled MotherFuckers!

duck season