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Math puns are some of the best. "Hey, put on a coat! It's like 20 degrees outside!" "Aww, someone made snow angles!" "This is such acute idea" Funny snowflakes

Endless Pinabilities!: A Little Math Humor ;-)

I love fractions. I love teaching fractions. and it seems the kiddos are loving learning about fractions. I busted out some fraction strip.

Um, my entire math experience.

Yeah, like every time I took a multiple choice test in high school. my math gene is defective :( lol

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This is a perfect example of how students brains work to find an answer when they have no idea.

at least they used logic and reason.i'm thinking creativity points!

Love Calvin and Hobbes!!

Calvin and Hobbes, MATH - This whole book is full of things that have to be accepted on faith! It's a religion!As a math atheist, I should be excused from this. (equations are like miracles.

Who hasn't felt like their timeline is on a möbius strip?

Who hasn't felt like their timeline is on a möbius strip?