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Gallery of Civilization in Perspective: Capturing the World From Above - 8

Image 8 of 20 from gallery of Civilization in Perspective: Capturing the World From Above. Fes el Bali, Morocco. Image Courtesy of Daily Overview. © Satellite images 2016, DigitalGlobe, Inc

Agricultural Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications (Hardcover)

This trusted text provides a thorough introduction to agricultural mechanics, covering fundamental mechanical and engineering theory, common tools and materials, and a wide range of practical applicat

The Coming Wide-Spread Use of Drones in Agriculture

Whether you call them UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), UAS (Unmanned Aerial System), Drones, or something less polite - people are more familiar than ever with them. We'll call them drones, and we're...

This Weed-Destroying Farm Robot Is Going To Replace Farm Workers

But it also means way fewer herbicides. Maybe the way to chemical-free foods is through more automation.

Agricultural Automation: Fundamentals and Practices by Qin Zhang