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A mermalion of a different kind. The fish-like lower extremities are gone, and are replaced with tentacles. This is actually really awesome.
Mermaids are mythical and legendary sea-dwelling creatures of European & Asian folklore, resembling a woman, with a human torso, but having a fishtail or tails instead of legs. Mermen are also heard of, but have a secondary role in the lore of the sea. Other similar water spirits include nymphs, dryads, oceanids, hamadryads, naiads, nerieds, oreads, and undines. Mermaids are supposed to be able to lure imaginative, amorous men to destruction by enticing them into the depths .
Merman, maybe could use this for a new -and one of the many- mamundicae account
Hippo Campus From Percy Jackson | Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Concept Art by Sebastian Meyer
Hippocampus by Yeale on DeviantArt
Child of the Blue by PaolaPieretti.deviantart.com on @deviantART
Little mermaid by melaniedelon on DeviantArt