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Napoleon I of France awarding the Legion d'Honneur to a dragoon for the capture of an Imperial regimental flag. Richard Caton Woodville Junior (1856-1927), 1889.

One of the finest feats of any troops during the Napoleonic wars was certainly the defence of Hougomont by the Foot Guards, Nassau & other troop detachments given the odds, and the size of the perimeter was stirling stuff!

June 14, 1807- Battle of Friedland. Charge of the French 4th Hussars...Napoleon I's French army decisively defeat Count von Bennigsen's Russian army about twenty-seven miles (43 km) southeast of Königsberg. The site of Friedland, in the Russian Kaliningrad Oblast since 1945, received the new name of Pravdinsk in that year.

At Jena Napoleon had known nothing about the main action that took place on that day; had forgotten all about two of his corps; did not issue orders to a third, and possibly a fourth; was taken by surprise by the action of a fifth; and, to cap it all, had one of his principal subordinates display the kind of disobedience that would have brought a lesser mortal before a firing squad. Despite all these faults in command, Napoleon won what was probably the great single triumph in his career.

Jun 18, 1815: Napoleon defeated at Waterloo. "Scotland for ever!" The Charge of the Royal Scots Greys, 2nd Dragoons, as part of the Union Brigade at the Battle of Waterloo.