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Like Rick Perry in Texas, Bobby Jindal in LA, and other douchebags in southern states. Absolute douchebags.

Louisiana Republican: "When I Voted for State Funds to go to Religious Schools, I Didn’t Mean Muslim Ones" - Unbelievable.

New term for this election: Low Information Voter www.foreignpolicy...

I live in one of those states, and now I have to break my bank just to afford healthcare! Fuck the republicans!

The Democratic-sponsored Senate measure -- which was opposed by most conservatives -- would have repealed subsidies currently benefiting BP, Exxon, Shell, Chevron and ConocoPhillips. Savings would have been used to renew various alternative clean energy initiatives and reduce the deficit. Democrats sought to cast Republicans as defenders of unpopular big oil companies, while Republicans highlighted rising pump prices on Obama's watch.

What a Rich Republican Idiot looks like! Gov. Rick Scott orders Florida agencies not to keep federal programs afloat....Governors in other states have decided to use their state funds to provide temporary assistance to poor women and children who benefit from federal assistance programs such as TANF and SNAP. Not Rick Scott, because he isn't concerned with the people who struggle in Florida!!

Sound fair to you? Vote. In a phone interview with HuffPost, CTJ counsel Rebecca Wilkins described this argument as a "coordinated response" by companies hoping to draw attention away from their federal tax bills. “These are some hugely profitable corporations paying less than you pay in federal income taxes," she said.

In order to discredit President Obama, most red state governors rejected cost free Medicaid Expansion for their poor and vulnerable citizens. You have to be a Republican to understand why this discredits the President and not them.

Twenty-first century New Jersey is a state so disconnected from the national narrative of “recovery” it might as well be its own country. The fact that the major media has ignored this story for so long is a tribute to Governor Christie’s prowess as a great entertainer. Not since the arrival of the Great Pandas from China has the major media been so distracted by sideshow antics. New Jersey is only one of three states where poverty has gone up according to the latest U.S. Census data.

One? Nope Not One! ~Republican policy; of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. #DumpTheGOP

President Obama, one of the first presidents in years to actually be on the side of the working man. Vote in 2014 and give him a congress he can work with.

A Visual Timeline of the Supreme Court cases in the United States that have changed the definition of Traditional Marrage