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We need democrats in congress to move forward! Vote.

Republicans aren't going to be getting this vote.

Rich people pay rich people to tell middle class people to blame poor people. So true.

Vote your red governors out! They don't give a damn about you! VOTE the GOP OUT!

Republicans using loopholes and offshore banking rules have reduced the actual taxes collected from the rich and their corporations to near zero.

What the Media Won’t Tell You: Millions are Hurting as Red States Reject Medicaid Expansion-Legislatures of Neanderthal states, the ones that have, for all practical purposes, seceded from the Union, have denied needy citizens access to a Medicaid expansion program that will be free to the states through 2014 and 2015 and never exceed a 10% state contribution. And the federal money for that expansion is already set aside. Medicaid expansion specifically targets the poor, disabled and uninsured.

Libyans Apologizing To Americans: why doesn't the news show the decent people in the Middle East? Not all Muslims are hateful fanatics.

Daily Kos: Better Dead and Red: How the GOP blocked health care for red state Americans