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Like Rick Perry in Texas, Bobby Jindal in LA, and other douchebags in southern states. Absolute douchebags.

In order to discredit President Obama, most red state governors rejected cost free Medicaid Expansion for their poor and vulnerable citizens. You have to be a Republican to understand why this discredits the President and not them.

New term for this election: Low Information Voter www.foreignpolicy...

Louisiana Republican: "When I Voted for State Funds to go to Religious Schools, I Didn’t Mean Muslim Ones" - Unbelievable.

I live in one of those states, and now I have to break my bank just to afford healthcare! Fuck the republicans!

The Democratic-sponsored Senate measure -- which was opposed by most conservatives -- would have repealed subsidies currently benefiting BP, Exxon, Shell, Chevron and ConocoPhillips. Savings would have been used to renew various alternative clean energy initiatives and reduce the deficit. Democrats sought to cast Republicans as defenders of unpopular big oil companies, while Republicans highlighted rising pump prices on Obama's watch.

Kick Scott to the curb come November! VOTE Blue, Florida, and regain your state's sanity!

The Republicans stripped $60 billion in Sandy relief from the fiscal cliff bill for unknown reasons. But they kept $9 billion in offshore tax loopholes [1] for companies. Even though there are STILL people without water and power [2] and basic necessities. His idea was so mind-bogglingly awful that members of his own caucus from the impacted states are screaming mad.

There's much to remember about GOV. RICK SCOTT come election day, and none of it is good.

When Elizabeth Warren met girls during her campaign, she would kneel down and say, “My name is Elizabeth, and I’m running for United States Senate because that’s what girls do.” Then they would pinky promise to remember.

A Visual Timeline of the Supreme Court cases in the United States that have changed the definition of Traditional Marrage