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A la nostra vida diària, gairebé totes les accions porten de manera implícita actes que comporten el reconeixement de qualitats d’objectes, la manipulació classificació, ordenació, orientació, etcètera. Aquests són aspectes que formen part de la lògica heurística.

Pre-K Pagesfrom Pre-K Pages

Pretend Play Ice Cream Toppings Printable

Printable Labels for the Pretend Play Ice Cream Shop in Preschool and Kindergarten

The Imagination Treefrom The Imagination Tree

Alphabet Cups on the Light Box

Playing with alphabet cups on the light table

First, he blows some bubbles and, as expected, the kids all pop them. Then, he challenges them to NOT pop the bubbles even if one lands on the tip of their nose. Introduce the concept of self control and launch a discussion about stopping to think before you act. Dustin refers to it as a "bullet" in your year that you can refer back to again and again. "Think about that time when we didn't pop the bubbles..."

Fun-A-Day!from Fun-A-Day!

24 Sensory Bags for Engaging, Mess-Free Play

Materiales sensoriales: una colección de 24 bolsas sensoriales para bebés , niños pequeños y niños en edad preescolar.

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The Spiral Galaxy Experiment

The Milky Way Galaxy experiment.

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3 Cup Twisting Fine Motor Games

3 Simple but Fun Cup Twisting Games