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53 Idee per arredare le pareti

#1# <3 The storm rumbled overhead as Zavier and Yves arrived in the camp. The men were all talking loudly, laughing as they prepped for the return of their leader. The older man, Ricard was the first to spot Zavier as he rode in. "My friend of olde!!" He shouted as he walked briskly towards the approaching Stallion. "Ricard, my old and faithful friend!" Zavier replied, lowering himself from the Stallions back before he came to a halt before Ricard. <3 Lightning over Cundiff

As I go down this lonely road with no one beside me, I leave only the shadow of my footprints behind me. The one who watches over me blows the tree of life and nature's falling leaves covers my existence erasing a chance for return. For the one who watches over me knows me better than my own heart and gives me a push in the right direction so I may find happiness Author Kim Michele Ingram. In Search of the Secret Sanctuary