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I may refer to it as "The #Paleo Diet", but that doesn't mean I will just do it for a few weeks. It's not that I "can't" eat cookies; I just don't eat them. And as long as you mix up "can't" and "don't", you won't be healthy.

I'm feeling so down and defeated tonight. I feel like I've been trying to lose weight FOREVER and even though there's been a pregnancy in between my weight loss journey I just feel like I haven't tried hard enough and I should have worked harder. I can't help feeling depressed about the way I look. I actually hate my body. I am sick of feeling this way! I want to look good and have my old confidence back. I've definitely lost a lot of self stem since having a baby. This 12 week challenge…

Lees in dit artikel hoe u een F.I.T. Challenge organiseert en iedereen in uw omgeving enthousiast krijgt om fitter te worden!