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  • Mo Riewerts

    Like this if you want her as Katniss Everdeen in the animal version of "Hunger Games"

  • Charlee Richards

    Funny pictures: Funny dog captions, funny dogs pictures with captions,

  • evan diaz

    Ready......Aim..... The Invisible Archery Bow. Kitty version of the hunger games

  • Evilblackcat13 -

    Robin Hood kitty ^____^

  • Deborah Lynn

    Invisible bow arrow... This takes "kat"niss to a whole new level ;)

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hahaha I just can't get enough of this adorable kitty! And I don't even like cats, but this is too funny.

I just died laughing at this because my cat looks JUST like this & he is psychotic! I am waiting for him to kill me in my sleep.

I, want a house in the porch, with a bed down comforter water, tummies for my tummy, when I take my nap, in the porch mom! Just like inside! You know I, love seeing the neighbors when they come back house from school! And I can't lay in the ground! Would you?

Too much for a cat... here to find out more

Love this cat!! here to find out more

This is probably why Jennifer Lawrence was chosen ;) (did they let her write this line?)

"like i said katniss, they are only looking for a good show. just do it when your out there."

Giggle-Inducing "Hunger Games" Parody Comics. How do you plan to win the Hunger Games, Peeta?"

Lying across the bed with a sinus headache, I just know I would feel better if I had a puppy like this...