WHO Growth Standards Are Recommended for Use in the U.S. for Infants and Children 0 to 2 Years of Age

WHO Average Growth Charts for Breastfed Babies

Growth chart. So cute!

Baby growth developmental growth spurts from The Wonder Weeks. These were spot on for us and VERY helpful. More info at http://www.thewonderweeks.com/

When do babies have growth spurts? From KELLY MOM

Growth charts birth-36 months and 2-20 years (CDC)

Baby's Eye Color - baby growth and development

So easy! Got heights that I didn't have from pediatrician! giant ruler growth chart #DIY | crab+fish

Growth charts: Taking your baby's measurements | BabyCenter

make a footprint every year alternating legs and soon you'll have a path of prints running through the garden as well as a growth chart

Best charts for new moms.

Bedtime by Age. This is really interesting what they say about why they should go to bed at certain times.

Baby Teeth Chart

10 Decisions you will have to make (or will be made for you if you don't know any different) at the birth of your child. Very good information for ALL soon-to-be mothers or those who plan to have children one day.

I admire any woman who stands up for her child's right to nourishment by breast feeding in public!!!

Infant Clothing Size Charts - most common infant & toddler clothing brands & size charts - great tool for helping predict next season. also has a european size chart for boutique & euro clothing and conversions

Prepared Childbirth: The Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle

20 Creative Chore Charts for Kids

The bare necessities (also, what to ask for on your baby registry).

Tooth fairy chart pillow...cute way to have the kids see what tooth they lost and document when they lost it. So should have done this! YOU could so make this Skyelynn!!