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Women's Health, pick your body type and it will list the fitness and meal plans for your body type.

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Best Workouts For Your Body Type: Hourglass Figure | Women's Health Magazine

21-day Shape Up Plan from Women's Health Magazine. The key to scoring a hot body? Committing to a plan that's easy to fit into your busy schedule (we're talking 30-minute workouts here) and lasts exactly 21 days. Experts say you can start to form a habit in as little as three weeks, and habits are hard to break. In other words, once you complete this program you'll be motivated to keep going.

This is one of the most complete diet/exercise for your body types I've seen. Good thing to pin, if serious about dropping the extra weight.


tone your body—with these four pilates moves

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Lift-off Lunge

25 Playlists for Every Possible Workout Routine on the Planet | Women's Health Magazine


Workout for straight body types

Flat Belly Fast—No Crunches! Four moves that guarantee you'll get abs in six weeks 4 ... Single-arm Bent-over Row Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, bend your knees, and lean forward from your hips (a). Brace your abs and pull the weight up to chest height without rotating your torso (b). Return to start. That's one rep.

Just did this one. I'm not out of shape but this one just about did me in. Great little workout.