words to live by

A mindful attitude towards eating paired with a healthy diet and exercise will only give you success.

Serious motivation! Love this- (except the wanting to eat a hamburger). I actually enjoy my vegan lifestyle. I do it for my HEALTH and well being and of course for the animals. Everything else rings so loud and clear.

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You messed up your diet and you didn't exercise today - So what? You didn't ruin anything. Get back on track tomorrow. If you have one flat tire, do you slash the other three? Of course not.

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No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving: Source: Pinterest : Source: Pinterest

Were you FULL of excuses this morning (it's too early, it's freezing, I'm already late, I worked out yesterday, I can do it later) and missed a workout? Well, blah blah bla...push past all of them and get to it! There will always be excuses. It's up to you to JUST DO IT NOW. #nolimits #fitspiration #fitfluential #noexecuses #workout #fitness #exercise #fit #fitchick #gymtime #livelifejuiced

Words to live by.

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The best motivator for getting fit and healthy is loving yourself! <3 | via @SparkPeople #fitness #exercise #workout #motivation #quote #fitspiration


# words to live by. losing weight is all about changing your lifestyle and habits. when you're over that hurdle, everything will seem as easy as riding a bike.

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I really really love this. "Fat" does not define you! Nor is it permanent!

Choose how you want to live your life...on the couch, content, no energy, blaming everyone instead of taking a look in the mirror OR lots of energy, a body you always dreamed of, FABulous life with amazing friends all working towards living a healthy life. Ask me how for more info fitandfab10@gmail.com

Okay, I have to admit, I'm not that athletic. But I always hear all these people conscious about their weight saying, "Man, If I could just have this sucked out, or if I had enough money for diet pills or some program to get into." Seriously? Just get up off your butt and go exercise and stop eating a ton a junk food!

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You're worth it!