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Explore Indian Books, We'Ve Reviewed, and more! .... Vedashree Khambete’s “There may be an asterisk involved” is firmly on the higher end of the scales in terms of humour. In fact, even when you read the blurb at the back, you know that this is going to be a very good read. ..... The book, written in first person, describes how a cricket-hating ad-executive, Zoya, is forced to become a part of the Indian cricket team, not as a player nor a cheerleader nor a physiotherapist nor a psychiatrist but as a lucky charm. ........ Chetan Bhagat taught India to read. Now his younger sibling Ketan Bhagat has joined the coveted “author” bandwagon by penning his debut “Complete/Convenient.”

Controversial title, true story and candid narration. This book is the biopic of a woman belonging to the oldest profession in the world. A must read book. Review:

What it was like to be a Kashmiri during the initial insurgency years of 1990s? What it is like to be a Kashmiri in the present day? Read this awesome book to know the true story of Kashmiri Pundits.

The events in the book are so disconnected, and yet so beautifully woven that moving from one phase to another seems as easy as breathing. Review:

Click here for the review: .... The story of this book is set in the last decade of the 19th century. The plot revolves around the love affair between Maharaja Rajendra Singh of Patiala and Betty, the daughter of the Viceroy of British India. This story draws its inspiration from the modern myth associated with Scandal Point, a location in Shimla.

Few lines from Umrao Jan Ada by Mirza Hadi Ruswa. “Even while dying I thought not of death, But recalled her ways to the last of my breath” “Ask me not why in sinful love I so much revel, Even heaven without love will to me seem hell” Review:

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