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Oko Konia Artisan Browbands Www.okokonia.com

Oko Konia Artisan Browbands Www.okokonia.com

Having a perfect lesson on the perfect horse.

Every equestrian has those moments when it all comes together, when you finally see your hard work pay off. Whether it's your horse neighing to you when he/she sees you coming or finally getting that.

Horses are never wrong...

so true Horses are never wrong. They always do what they do for a reason, and it is up to us to figure it out. so don't get angry at a horse it is not there fault

She Rides to  Live, and Lives to Ride. Some lyrics to a song....bout a little girl

horses are my life! I lost my horse 4 months ago and thought I could never love again but my new horse has proved me wrong.

This question. All day.

Not sure if my horse is behaving better or my standards of a good ride are lowering.

Some letters are more important.

Of course I learned my ABC's. But now I only remember the important letters. Pictured: Sundance dressage arena with Flower Boxes by Premier Equestrian