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That moment when you turn into a ninja beacuse a piece of your hair fell on your arm and you thought it was a spider.

Funny Ecard: Any guy can seem cool on a motorcycle. If you really want to know what kind of man you've got, watch him walk through a spider web.

Or else I'm not going to be able to fall asleep...

No One Would Ever Commit Crimes (If Spider Man's super power was shooting spiders out of his hands.)

Spiders hate peppermint essential oil! More for the information rather than the picture of the airplane.

I feel bad for the kids I will have in the future, because when I become a parent, there is no way im killing the spiders they find in their room.

What if Spider-Man's super power was shooting spiders out of his hands. No one would ever commit crimes.

That has a blades of blender death for bugs. Seriously, I'd buy one.

True that. There would be no way...that one looks poisonous. TT^TT

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