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hahahahahaha oh man, funny. Only the pessimistic half of me agrees with this... but it is the larger half...

Dustin Johnson overcame the mother of all distractions to win the U.S. Open. This is how he did it. - Golf Digest

Sarah Steele is the hottest and youngest Assistant District Attorney ever to hit the courtroom. Sarah may look innocent enough but she is a killer, she just doesn't know it yet. The Death Penalty! Sarah should be excited, this was her big win, but something about Hank Williams is not right. He acts like he knows something, as if he thinks his money will get him a get out of jail free card. Pushed to her breaking point Sarah must decide what to do when the system she believes in fails.

Hockey Shootout Guest shoots the puck using a stick towards the hockey net, and tries to score it in one of the targets. The net has five targets: four targets are in each corner and one target is in the middle. You can decide what each target means and what your guests get if they score. Examples are: "Get another puck” or, “Pay $1" or, "Win 3 raffle tickets," "Kiss Bride" "Penalty box" Materials needed: left and right stick and three pucks, net, sign

Report Arsenal 1(1) Watford 3(1) Team: Coton, Gibbs, Rostron, Sims, McClelland, Bardsley, Blissett, Barnes, Falco, Porter, Richardson Scorers: Blissett, Barnes, Blissett The end Report by Tim Lattimer Oh, what a game. There were many highlights of the glory years in the Taylor era, but Highbury away was definitely the last. Even now whenever I see the people I used to go to see Watford with, that's the one game we all…

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Use 3/4"-wide black electrical tape to make stripes on a white metal bucket. Design a sign on your computer, or print out our template (at on thick paper, and tape it to the bucket. Fill with yellow paper napkins. Get more tips for throwing the ultimate Super Bowl party.