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büyükada çarşı cami / buyukada carsi mosque / by emre can yılmaz

büyükada çarşı cami / buyukada carsi mosque / by emre can yılmaz

With the idea of home as a theme, the new Clover House will foster little minds by building family-like relationships in the warm and cozy new building. During the day, teachers and students can interact in the comfort of home, eating, studying and playing together.

MAD Architects transform a home into a flexible kindergarten by wrapping it in a luminous skin

MAD Architect’s Clover House is a unique hybrid of a kindergarten by day, and personal home by night, converting the kindergarten owner's home into a flexible learning space

Cut/folded out of a single piece of paper (30 by 60 cm). This piece can be unfolded and brought back to a flat surface. 30 x 15 x 15, © 2007

Ingrid Siliakus - Paper architect/artist, if you look closely you can see David Bowie in there.

Argyll House & Atelier: By D-Form

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Image 5 of 13 from gallery of Culture Forest / Unsangdong Architects. Courtesy of Unsangdong Architects

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Unsangdong prize winning project “Culture Forest”, a Culture & Art Center located in SeongDong-gu, Republic of Korea (currently nearing completion).By planning eco-friendly the new cultural space will become a dreaming covering cover book cover book

Conexion de Espacios Habitables Recuperados, Madrid | Lucía de Usera del Valle

Be inspired by architectural models, discover new materials and learn how to build them with the best archive of scale models in the Web.

Fantastic Architecture: Illustrations By Bruna Canepa,© Bruna Canepa

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Workshop · Design · Stanton Williams Architects

We have always been passionate about hand sketches and making models, sometimes even at a very large scale, and see them as essential design tools. This has become an integral part of our studio culture.