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Go green while you clean your teeth. Sounds like a good plan, right? Bogobrush aims to not only produce a 100% biodegradable toothbrush but to help someone in need with their plan to give a Bogobrush away to someone who needs one with every one that is purchased.

  • Heather McDougall

    this one is actually a pleasant experience, and cleans your teeth well. it's still in pre-production, but as a co-founder, I can tell you that numerous folks have tried the pilot runs, and approve:)

  • Jessica Birchfield

    Heather, that is good to hear! I have tried othere "green" toothbrushes including the preserve toothbrush mostly because I was interested in the mail back packaging system. It was too narrow so the bristles would just clump together into almost a bristle blade and couldn't really scrub the surface of my teeth. Is there a green-conscious reason as to why the bristles of your brush are cut flat? - less waste? manufacturing energy? I would totally be interested in a sustainable toothbrush that actually felt like it worked as well or better then the crazy over-molded and over-designed toothbrushes out there. I am a product designer and I am often disappointed when "green" products fail the usability test. Users should not loose out on functionality just because they care about sustainabilty.

  • Heather McDougall

    Hey Jessica...sorry I missed your response until now! There's not a "green" reason for the bristles being cut flat. It's just a design choice, aesthetically, yet, but also to show that you can have minimalist design that still functions really well....kind of bucking the trend of most toothbrushes. We totally agree that users should not lose on functionality to care about sustainability, and while toothbrushes are really a personal preference, we are excited to bring a good quality, sustainable product to the world. :)

  • Luara Write

    Cool and hope you visit my pin

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This is cute. It's from Net-A-Porter, and $98, but it's a cute idea. There's enough yarn to make vest. And the packaging is fun too!

Coolest thing I have bought! No electricity required to magnify the music on your iDevices!

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Cool Stuff We Like Here @ ------- << Original Comment >> ------- The 1938 Phantom Corsair

Zai CORE Axe by Kacper Hamilton

Ketchup Presser by Hwandong Lee, Myung Gyu Kim, Nari Lee & Taeno Yoon Cause no one wants to squeeze their own ketchup!