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YEP, this is me

Funny Confession Ecard: I'm the type of girl who busts out laughing randomly at things you won't find nearly as hilarious as I do. Hunt whenever beth is like "what's so funny" i'm just like no.

I'm sorry you weren't man enough to breakup with me in person, at least I'll always have the text message to remind me what a douche you are.

How I will reply to any and all annoying PMS/PMT/menstruation jokes from here on out. No joke!

Oh Denise... I can smell your dirty job from here

Yep :) and look pretty especially pretty when I'm blacked out drunk laughing at dead puppies yeah pretty real and pretty photoshop

We all have that one sister

:) That little girl is pissed haha - her big sisters face is so funny- lord help me but I can see Olivia doing this.((Ohh haha that ain't my little sister she was a stranger .The dark haired girl is Bonnie Renee Scott.

Why can't Santa really exist to grant me this?

You have noooo idea how many times a day i say something like this! or i say i want to send all stupid people to a freezing cold island in alaska but same thing!

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Free and Funny Friendship Ecard: Women on the same menstral cycle as their friends should basically be referred to as gang members. That's how dangerous they are.

Me and my friend Olivia

43 Reasons Studying Abroad In Paris Destroys You For Life

Every brunette needs a blonde best friend.so true my best friend has blond hair :)

Is There a Best Time of Day to Poop?  http://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/poop-schedule?cid=NL_WHDD_-_032916_BestTimeofDaytoPoop

Is There a Best Time of Day to Poop?