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The Beatles - "Abbey Road" (1969). Cover photograph taken 8 August 1969 outside EMI Studios on Abbey Road. At around 11:30 that morning, photographer Iain Macmillan was given only ten minutes to take the photo whilst he stood on a step-ladder and a policeman held up the traffic.

Abbey Road

The Beatles' Abbey Road. If it were a life & death situation and I was forced to chose my favorite album of all time, it would be Abbey Road, right before Dark Side of the Moon. there's so much feeling attached to it. It really speaks to me.


The Beatles walking in the opposite direction during the Abbey Road album cover photoshoot - 25 Rare Historical Photos Youve Probably Never Seen Before Part 3 Best of Web Shrine

GO - Se faire prendre en photo sur Abbey Road en hurlant Let it be (ou pas)                                                                                                                                                     Plus

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Beatles - Abbey Road Walking across is awesome! something every beatles fan has to have on a shirt. Just gotta have to put this album up

Essa imagem … Eles querem pegar algo …. Eles estão correndo de algo … Agora parace realmente eu correndo dos Beatles .. não tem acordo definitivamente ..não gosto deles, alias não…

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The Beatles: Abbey Road Album Cover Parodies. A list of all the groups that have released album covers that look like the The Beatles Abbey Road album.

The Beatles| John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Paul McCartney Abbey Road, I think its great

Abbey Road Animated

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17 Quirky Photos of the Beatles You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

This shot of the Beatles leaping was used on the Twist & Shout EP cover.

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The Beatles are a famous English band that originated in Liverpool, England. They became “The Beatles” in 1960 and consisted of four very talented and incredibly influential musicians; John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.

Abbey Road #TheBeatles

Há 44 anos os Beatles atravessaram a Abbey Road