Big dog, little dog. Gotta love chihuahuas - they think they own the world!

cat beats up dog Look at the dogs eyes in the last photo :D Check more at Cats, Animals, Dogs, Funny Cat, Funny Picture, Husky, Funnies, Funny Animal, Friend


This cracks me up! Ho, Ho, Ho!

A kiss for me aw how sweet

riding the wave!

bike ride. too funny!

big yawn

Big yawn

The French Dog: Rachael Hale: 9781584799771: Books

Doggie Body Language

Bernese Mountain Puppy - oh so cute! <3 by chandra

rides all buckled 1st...

Just A Happy Dog

<3 yorkie yorkie yorkie

For the record, this is why I got a Spaniel mix instead of a yorkie - I want my dog to run with me, not ride along on my hip.

Eight-year-old Elizabeth, a Dachshund from Boston, truly knows how to travel in style. Sporting a fierce pair of Doggles, the wind in her fur, she hitch’s a ride on her dad’s back…and bike!

This is my friend .



Bernese Mountain Dogs