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  • Kelly Young

    Big Bang Theory Memes | sheldon cooper meme big bang theory meme eliza dushku

  • Makayla

    Big Bang Theory Funny | ... Cooper Meme Lol Funny Pictures The Big Bang Theory Flash wallpaper

  • Elizabeth Jameson

    Season 4, Episode 7 - The Apology Insufficiency - I was so thrilled to see Faith Lehane (BTVS-Angel) / Echo-Caroline (Dollhouse) / Tru Davies (Tru Calling) On The Big Bang theory. =D It was like an explosion of geekiness. Now she just needs to appear in Doctor Who

  • Christy ❤️

    I'm special agent Page, FBI. / You say you're special agent Page, FBI. / Here's my I.D. / And here is my Justice League membership card. But that doesn't prove that I know Batman.

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I think I actually teared up during this episode. "Please don't hurt my friend." Sheldon feels!!!!

Sheldon being Sheldon - The Grasshopper Experiment (I think is what this episode's called)

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As a complete geology geek, I about cried from laughing so hard when I first saw that episode. :) :) :)

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Sheldon Cooper ;) Bahahaha!! I love it!! one of my favorite parts!! "I'm Batmannn" hahhha

When The Big Bang Theory meets Disney…

The Big Bang Theory just lost all credibility to me. No way someone as smart as Sheldon would use IE.

Sad part is. I know the song by heart. And sing it in his voice. Bahahahahahahah love Sheldon!

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HAHAHAHAHA YESSSS. Nothing will ever be better than this. Julie Hood