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Basset Hound. I asked for one of these short, chunky, floppy-eared dogs for Christmas... but Dad doesn't see that he/she needs a warm home with me. ;)

Basset Hound. Bassets are known to be a vocal breed. They have a wide range of entertaining sounds and a deep howl...(from Wikipedia) | Flickr

Bassett Hound puppy!! Fox n' the Hound flashback...

Basset Hound Puppy..there's a liter in my neighborhood..on my way home today they were outside playing w their mama..I'm trying my best not to make a spur of cuteness decision..but they're soooo cute and droopy!!!!!

I'm just waiting on an ice cream cone. Or a lollypop. Or an unsuspecting barefoot human who pauses next to me.

A-FREAKIN-DORABLE!!!!!! "One of our Basset Hound puppies" (not mine, but left pinner's comment...)

Beagle/ Basset Hound (i think) My favorite dog!!! ♥