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FB Posts <= less drama

Sounds familiar...only my family does this in person every time i see them, not (just) on Facebook.

We are sooooo tired of women in their 40s acting like 15 year old gossiping drama bitches. Grow the fuck up already!!!!

I feel like some people are trapped in their high school days lol you aren't in hs anymore, u are in your mid 20's :/

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Cancel my subscription. I'm tired of your issues.

The election is over. Get over it and move on. I'm tired of hearing about the whole d*mn election. Thank you, thank you very much.

Good rules to post! #homeschool

How I feel when my favorite song comes on

actually. spell it right.

Lol Adele.

Awww! Its Mr. Napkin head from The Holiday!! <3 Who wore it better: Jude Law or Benedict Cumberbatch :) -Brianna



I don't even have time to tell you how wrong you are. Actually it's gonna bug me if I don't.

Not sure how other people handle spiders but… that's me.........

That's funny

Well, time for bed by chewingfat #Humor

Things dad said to his children...