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  • Vanessa Markarian

    Mini "Milk Bottle" for parties. $5 for 4...I'll just have to pour the coffee drink out :)

  • Kim Ortega

    Great way to get "vintage" milk bottles for flower vases, drinking glasses etc... Great idea for littles to get milk easily and quickly =)

  • Patrick Martin

    For vintage milk bottles, use Starbucks' frappuccino bottles

  • Kara Shell

    milk bottle idea... Cute for pictures of milk and cookies for Santa omg totally cute for party drinks or punch too!

  • Teresa LJ

    These 4-packs of Starbucks Frappuccino that are the perfect shape and size(9.5 oz), and pretty affordable. The labels peel off easily, spray paint the lid silver to give it that vintage look. Run the bottle through the dishwasher, use rough side of a sponge to remove some sticky residue from the label. Fill with milk and enjoy your individual milk bottles for kids birthday, or other craft ideas ...

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Neat. 4-pack of Starbucks Frappuccino are the perfect shape and size(9.5 oz), and pretty affordable at around $5 per 4-pack Walmart

(These are gorgeous.) Self-watering planter made from recycled wine bottles. Might save me from my inability to keep things alive...

DIY Tiki Torch Bottles - now I know what to do with all my saved bottles. Such a cute idea and much simpler than candles!

Save your cute wine bottles and turn them into unique candle holders! Clever idea!

I buy bottled frappuccinos just for the cute bottles. (But I pour out the drink, as they taste quite nasty. xP)

This looks like it goes with that other swirly thing I found -- probably they'd look nice in a garden!

Cute, but there must be something you could use for the tealight holder that doesn't require drilling?

RECYCLING WINE BOTTLES into windchimes, eco friendly and green, wind chimes, mobile, musical and colorful, wind chime

Iced Tea? re-use Starbucks coffee jars... they look like vintage milk bottles