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    Storm Trooper scary bedtime story | By: Evgeny Yakovlev

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    scary story clone trooper #fathersday yoda

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    Funny and Clever illustrations of Pop Culture

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    Star Wars Fairy Tales

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    Star Wars bedtime stories

  • Marcus Moura

    Kazakhstan-based illustrator Evgeny Yakovlev, aka lost-angel-less, uses iconic characters from pop and nerd culture to create funny, illustrated scenes. Yakovlev shows the other side of the dark side in which Storm Troopers use the scare-them-straight method of parenting by telling chilling stories of Yoda, their version of the Boogeyman.

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This is why Matt Smith is basically the most awesome guy on television.

thor vs. loki Loki all the way!!!

This is real guys, SOPA is REAL! I Googled it & it's not only for fandom stuff but a lot of public things on the web. Remember when Wikipedia blackedout that one day? That was to raise awareness for this! Think of what’d happen to Tumblr! The whole site –GONE! So, this pin links back to a JPG but if ANYONE has a link to this petition, PLEASE share so that I & others can show we want our freedom of speech, to express ourselves & what we love! Repin to your most popular boards & HELP US STOP SOPA!

Batman tattoo ! That is so badass!

superheroes have tatts too


"Batman is the worst marvel character..."


Growing up changes things…

Thor's face in the third one.... hahahah!

I kinda wanna see this play out.


Good examples of parenting done right…

:) aw Thor trying to make Loki feel better

Hey. Awesome


I do what I want, Thor!


The Hulk

Thor and Loki

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thor/mufasa similarity... oh my gosh

haha Hulk...