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Frank Ocean is pretty Contagious. Check him out...

"I don't fear anybody... at all" -Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean - For Real. Photo Credit - Nabil

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frankocean: credit: NABIL

Frank Ocean is so strong

Frank Ocean. Nuff said.

Frank Ocean - boyfriend

Frank Ocean <3

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean. Gay or not. Bi-sexual or not. The man makes good music. And that's what should really be the focus.

RT @RevoltTV: #REVOLTNews | New Music Review: @FrankOcean, @ASAPferg , @OGMaco Headline Holiday Releases - http://t…

'Memrise' by Frank Ocean #Memrise #FrankOcean #FrankiesBack #NewMusic #Music #R&B #RnB #Pop #Province #PRVNCE

My Boo Frank Ocean <3

frank oceann

UltraLinxfrom UltraLinx

Random Inspiration 116

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Writes An Inspirational Letter To His 5 Year Ago Self #frankocean #inspirational #music #love #artist

Frank ocean. I love him because he has a soulful voice. The fact that he took two years to make his new album, I know that it will be good. He is also an open Gay and I appreciate that. My favorite song is Super Rich Kids, Thinking About You, Novocain, and Swim good.

Frank Ocean portrait. I need a second album Badly.

Frank Ocean in red Polo shorts, a Rollie and an ORANGE typewriter

Frank Ocean uses Smith Corona Super G Ghia Typewriter

Frank Ocean, Channel Orange, must have on Vinyl!

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frankocean: credit: young NAY-BL

Frank Ocean : Photo

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean - for his beyond inspirational lyrics that never cease to speak to me in a way no other artist has before. I said "I wish you could see the ocean" He said "I wish you could see hope" I said "have you ever seen the mountain?" He said "no, but my faith could move those" I said "I wish you could see the stars" He told me I should see love

Yes, I am one of those annoying Frank Ocean Stans. Deal - channel orange rules.

Frank Ocean.. Can't get enough right now. Loving that cardigan too

Frank Ocean! New favorite artist! <3

Frank Ocean ||

Frank Ocean. This nigga can sing

Frank Ocean making great music!

Frank Ocean.. too bad hes gay.

Frank's cardigan.

Frank Ocean

bitrape: untitled by julian / berman on Flickr.

Frank Ocean @frank_ocean photo

julian / berman

frank ocean


Frank Ocean

frank ocean #style

frank oceannnn ily

my man

SO, I've found this wondrous little blog called It's pretty great. They have stopped posting, however, I'm happy to peruse the back catalogue, and bring a "Best Of" to you here! Warning: There may be an overload of man-babe.... Okay, a guy in a forest with a camera and a bow tie...I know he's a hipster, but there's something so forgiveable about hipster-ism when it comes complete with a lovely pair of spectacles...  Babe + guitar + dog + wall of books + glasses = yes yes yes More hipster camera glasses babe. But, what the hell, I'm writing this in Helvetica, so who am I to judge?

frank ocean.

Frank Ocean | Much respect to him for his choice to come out in the rap industry where it's usually frowned upon & thrilled that the entertainment industry rallied around him in support!

[ ] #ray #ban #ray_ban #sunglasses #chic #vintage #new Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.gorgeous! ;) I love Frank Ocean! Much respect to him for his choice to come out in the rap industry where it's usually frowned upon & thrilled that the entertainment industry rallied around him in support!

Frank Ocean (born Christopher Breaux), singer-songwriter, soloist, and member of Odd Future. His early career was as a ghostwriter. His solo hits include Novacane, Swim Good, Thinkin Bbout You, Pyramids, Sweet Life, Lost & Super Rich Kids. He became one of the 1st major African-American music artists to announce that he had fallen in love with someone of the same sex, notable because the industry is known for expressions of homophobia. He is currently dating model Willy Cartier.

So attractive! And his music is amazing :) Frank Ocean

Ocean. So talented creative unique amazing

Frank Ocean's voice <3 so seductive.

i've been thinking bout forever♥

Super Rich Kids - Frank Ocean

LOVE!!! ...Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean performing @ Coachella 2012

Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange’ Will Be Available on iTunes Tonight After Midnight

Frank Ocean’s debuutalbum Channel Orange online te beluisteren

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1626

New Music: Frank Ocean – “Eyes Like Sky”

Daily Inspiration #1626

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Photography Todd Cole Photography assistance Alex Aristei Frank wears top French Connection. Chain model's own. [The Royalty Issue, No. 318, Spring 12]

Frank Ocean<3 I don't like you, I just thought you were just cool to kick it....I don't like you, just cute to kiss you...<3 <3

Frank Ocean photographed by Todd Cole

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franky boy

finally, a real update on frank ocean’s second album | read | i-D


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Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is forever bae 💕

Frank Ocean is forever bae

' what we smoking girl '?

Frank Ocean Day-Dreamin'

frank ocean True love

Frank Ocean❤❤😍☺😘

Frank Ocean ❤

Frank Ocean.

frank ocean.

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean + one of my all time favorite paintings. 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch

Frank Ocean + 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch

Frank Ocean Edward Munch "THE SCREAM"

Frank Ocean is everything perfect.

Frank Ocean I loooovve him

Frank ocean + the scream

Most def some Ocean

Frank Ocean bby

Frank Ocean ✌

Ocean. Frank, Ocean.

Ocean. Frank, Ocean. >> >> >> >> Ocean. Frank, Ocean. ocean view is one of my favorite(^^)

Ocean. Frank, Ocean. I can't help but find him attractive...

Ocean. Frank, Ocean. #cartonmagazine #icon

Ocean. Frank, Ocean. Music UKCN

Frank Ocean -perfect specimen

i heart frank ocean.

Hey Christian Girl

Beautiful Man

frank ocean

frank ocean; although his music is pretty explicit the songs are just REALLY good. Give it a spin:)) frank ocean ocean view is one of my favorite.

Frank Ocean. Designs should be simple like this. Great work here.

frank ocean poster.. would be perfect for my dorm

How cool is this logo frank ocean

frank ocean #Artsandcrafts

frank ocean posters


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Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Have to congratulate ocean on his grammy! <3

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Sleepy Frank Ocean. <3

Frank Ocean xx

GQfrom GQ

Frank Ocean: GQ Men of the Year 2011: Rookie

Frank Ocean

Good gawd im infatuated with this man. From his style to his musical abilities. Oh, #FrankOcean .. wont you be mine?

toutbeau: frankoceanfans: GQ definitely picked the right man. Hey.

I could look at him all day. Frank Ocean.

Frank Ocean- #channelorange on repeat

Frank Ocean October 28th #scorpio

God damn that's hot! #meninsuits

Frank Ocean Grammy Nominee 2012

Frank Ocean. 100% Pure Talent!

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean cover FADER magazine.

frank ocean style - Google Search

Frank Ocean doin' it panda stylee

frankie oceeeean.

Frank Ocean Covers FADER | Rap Radar


can't be there with you, but i can dream. - frank ocean, there will be tears

"There Will Be Tears" -- Frank Ocean

frank ocean quotes - Bing Images

i love this song LOL


The new #musicblog starts with the #FrankOcean #debutalbum "Channel Orange" The soul-album of 2012! ...See also some older posts in the blog!

A close look at Frank Ocean's coming out letter. The R singer's announcement fits just fine in the history of ground-breaking, image-busting musicians.

Frank Ocean sorprendió al mundo hace cuatro años con su álbum debut Channel Orange, el cual fue recibido con aplausos por crítica y público. James Ho, más co...

Frank Ocean (1987-) - has been making waves with his inventive and refreshingly honest lyrics, and undeniably catchy new sound. His latest album channel Orange has been given rave reviews by music blogs and critics everywhere, and the 24-year-old New Orleans-native is steadily climbing the charts and set to become R’s hottest new face.

Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange Tour’ at the Guvernment in Toronto

Frank Ocean Channel Orange Tour @ Paradise Rock Club

The singer and songwriter Frank Ocean.

#babymakingmusic #channelorange #win!

LISTEN: Frank Ocean – “Sweet Life”

Frank Ocean, oh booface.

Funky Fashions - FUNK GUMBO RADIO: and

Frank Ocean Style Breakdown - Headbands #RunwayRepublic

Frank Ocean Style Breakdown - Headbands

frank ocean fashion - Google Search

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Franky, my role model

Hey, Frankie --

Frankie Ocean