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  • Matt Luders

    USS Enterprise. I love the hopeful view of the future that Star Trek presents: All (human) races get along, matter replicators can produce anything so money and greed are obsolete, interstellar travel is possible, and there is no paper clutter! :-)

  • Advanced RP

    "Article Review: No Science Fiction: Company Shows Off Real-World Star Trek 'Tricorder'"

  • Michael Hoyt

    Starships Were Meant to Fly: An Homage to Your Favorite SciFi Shows

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Federation Enterprise, Star Trek Poster by Thomas Gately

An interesting comparison..but I would have also included the jupiter 2 and the original BSG just fro grins and giggles. ;-)

  • Ron Gomillion

    Incorrect E was thr largest out of those listes

  • Rashad Foux

    Why is the new Enterprise so much larger than all the others?

  • Ron Gomillion

    Because this diagram is false

  • Jon Mendez

    Actually the diagram isn't "false", per se. The Abrams alternate universe actually designed the Enterprise to be huge; much larger than the original universe lineage of Enterprise vessels. So, technically speaking, the diagram is pretty accurate. The Abrams Enterprise is considerably larger than the Enterprise E [ http://www.ex-astris-scient... ]

  • Ron Gomillion

    But still, it depicts D and being larger than E... Which isnt true at all

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U.S.S. Enterprise (no bloody A, B, C, or D!)

Image brought to you courtesy of Robot Radio, (An Alien Gift to Mankind)

Billionaire Ryan Mercer CIO at Sirius Cybernetics

I had this poster on my bedroom wall for many, many years. Nothing better than 1970s-vintage sci-fi art! Artist: Lou Feck.

"You treat her like a lady, and she'll always bring you home." - Bones McCoy

Star-Trek-Ship.jpg (640×960)

USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A, Constitution Class Refit. Launched 2286. The third starship to bear the name.

Star Trek - Enterprise NCC 1701. Am I the only person who thinks this nebula looks like Tinkerbell?

16x24 Star Trek Enterprise Profile Inspired Minimalist Poster. $29.00, via Etsy.