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This doesn't go for all women, sadly. And there are different personalities out there, I know. Just glad this is my perspective & how I feel. Thankful I was raised this way.

Im 15/15 on this list definitely certain my girlfriend knows she's got the perfectly imperfect man for her. :)

If not.... STAY SINGLE! Don't destroy everyone in your path. Especially those who have been there by your side through EVERYTHING!

All things you lacked in the end.. you just lost respect for me when life got better for you.. you made me feel I was only worthy of your love when you had nothing, because as soon as the tables turned in your favour, you turned it off in mine. You were cruel..

This is TRUE. I am one that always comes to the table with wanting to resolve conflict. I do NOT however waste my time with people who insist to come at me aggressively. They will never get anywhere with me by doing that. I can be the best person to work with or make your life harder. :)

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