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15th century, German

16th century, German

Plate #22c - Second Half of the Fourteenth Century - Italy

Beautiful german 15th century stuff

Plate #20b - Fourteenth Century

A site with education of the medieval clothing history. The Middle Ages are commonly dated from the 5th century fall of the western Roman Empire until the end of the 15th century. During the history of mankind, fashion was always a subject of controversy, and Medieval Fashion followed the rule.

German Court Dress

15th century

Two German noblewomen and a middle-class woman in early Medieval dress (10th or 11th century).

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Gypsy-style leather lace-up top and fabric floor-length skirt with leather-braided belt.

Plate #21c - Fourteenth Century

Clothing of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire, c. 1300-1400.

12th century goodness

Tudor Purple Gown

15th cent Burgundian

Traditional costumes of boyars, Russian medieval aristocrats. 16th century, modern replica.

14th and 15th century fashion

15th cent,

13th century garb...embroidery is incredible!