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Plate #22c - Second Half of the Fourteenth Century - Italy

Hayley Atwell and Keira Knightley in 'The Duchess', 2008. Late 18th Century Georgian costumes by Michael O'Connor.

Clothing of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire, c. 1300-1400.

from Bellatory

Fashion History of the High and Late Middle Ages - Medieval Clothing

1410–11 Christine de Pisan presents her book to Queen Isabeau, who wears a figured houppelande lined in ermine with a broad collar and a heart-shaped headdress. Her books stress that women should dress appropriately to their station in life, as her own less sumptuous headdress here reflects.

1300-1400 clothing of Lower Empire (italian or byzantin )

Dress in Spanish style, from the second half of 16th century, History of Costume (German edition), K.Kohler

Viking Life... The tree of life from Norse mythology. Art for our house maybe?

Medieval clothing from the 14th and 15th centuries