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January day

January day

Kingdom in the clouds: According to park rangers, the fog was caused by a weather phenomenon called a 'temperature inversion'

Rare weather phenomenon fill Grand Canyon's gorges with a river of fog

Watchtower Near Desert View Point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. (Photo courtesy of Erin Huggins/Grand Canyon National Park Service.

by joseph rossbach

Mirror reflections on Lefferts Pond, Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont by Joseph Rossbach on

Grand Canyon-  Photo: Erin Whittaker/National Park Service

Cloud waterfalls like this only happen once every decade. A Rare Fog Rolling Over The Grand Canyon

Fogs in Grand Canyon - Rare, but Unforgettable! - Interesting Engineering

Fogs as we know are clouds that appear very close to the Earth surface. They typically arrive at low lands, along river beds.